Aug 15

Puzzle Me This

Have a hankering for some new puzzle games this weekend? Not only have three new/updated games been released by qzix13, but they are also available for free on Android! Here they are in no particular order…


Slice the Box Level Pack - Website Version - Android Version

A unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes. Cut off the excess to form exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and more. You’ll be limited by the number of slices you can make, length of slice, and where!



HivexWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Flex your logic skills in this intriguing puzzle game! Clicking any hexagon toggles its state and that of its neighbors. Fully light all of the hexagons to complete each puzzle. Completing in fewer moves earns more stars and faster times result in higher scores.



NambersWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Simple to learn, but as you advance this game will give your brain a workout! Select adjacent cells with the same number, then scroll to change their values. Complete levels by creating the final pattern, and finish in as few moves as possible.



Aug 15

Crush These Castles

The best thing about building block towers is smashing them. The best thing about Crush the Castle is that you don’t have to build them. And explosives! And fire! And chickens! And, well, pretty much everything.

Check out some of the creations by other players below. And smash them!


 Hunting for Butterflies by @Tooru

Head to the icy wastelands of the North where princesses live in towering icy blossoms and wait for butterflies. Or are these tiny princesses in normal-sized flowers? Whatever the case, the trebuchet is the perfect tool to destroy everything.

Hunting for Butterflies by Tooru


Royal Treasury Robbers by @SSTG

The robbers are getting away on the roof. How you stop them is up to you. You should probably destroy the entire treasury and burn it to the ground, just to be sure you get those pesky robbers.

Royal Treasury Robbers by SSTG


The Best Tower Bridge by @valboss84

London Bridge is falling down and now you get to bring Tower Bridge down with it… along with the royal family and their personal guards who just happened to be visiting the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Best Tower Bridge by valboss84


Poor Hideout by @timestables

The King has retreated to a jungle outpost but is he still safe so far away from home? Surely no one would be silly enough to try to destroy buildings filled with explosives. Nothing could go wrong.

Poor Hideout by timestables


The Peasants Survive! by @CourtJester

Usually, the peasants die first, but this time, the peasants survive… mostly. Until some brave soul comes saves them, they are stuck on a roof standing on explosives while everyone else gets to stay inside away from the elements.

The Peasants Survive! by CourtJester

Like building castles? Check out the Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack: Custom Castle Contest!

Also check out these games in the Crush the Castle Series:

Aug 15

Lava Lizard Beta

Mt. Magma is erupting! Grab what you can and hit the waves! Perform tricks to earn cash, upgrade your gear and break though the barriers in your path so that you can get to Lizard Island before being burned to a crisp.

This Beta is available to our AFG+ users. :)





Aug 15

Forum Forays

Forum Fridays are back, except it’s not on Friday! Kick up your boots in our forums in between gaming sessions on the battlegrounds of Armor Games. Share your war stories in the Tavern or share your strategy in Game Walkthroughs.

New to the Armor Games forum? Stop by our Newcomers Forum and tell us a bit about yourself and maybe try one of the cookies. ;)

Here are some threads to check out to get you started in the forums:

  • What’s Your Random Superpower? – Are you a zombie-smashing half-lizard that can breath fire? Or can you generate arrows from thin air and use them to steal the life force of your foes? Share your random super powers.
  • Art Skills Competition – Show off your artistic side in a themed drawing contest! Winners get to choose the next theme (and a they also get a Quest!).

Drop by the forums and say hello.

Aug 15

The Clicking Crusade

Looking for your next click-tastic addiction? Crusaders of the Lost Idols has launched on Armor Games and it allows you to control a gaggle of adventuring champions as they beat down various enemies for equipment and coins. 

Maximize your formation buffs to idle and earn the most gold, or take a more active roll clicking and using special abilities to destroy waves of monsters and complete quests.

Have a game strategy you want to share? Post below in the comments!





Aug 15

Battle Orbs Launched

We’re proud to announce the launch of Battle Orbs, a puzzle game that blends adventure with a strategic, fast-paced action experience. Enjoy hours of fun exploring a mysterious island and helping restore peace by defeating enemies and giant bosses. Collect unique pets that battle by your side and help you on your journey.

Created by Likwid Games, Battle Orbs is now available for iPad/iPhone.




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Jul 15

BunkerSim Update

Louissi has posted a new update about the progress of BunkerSim talking about the expedition system. If you’re as excited as we are to start building your underground colony, be sure to check out his recent blog post and follow the game on Steam to be ready for when it releases!

Thanks again to all the awesome people who helped Greenlight the game. :)





Jul 15

Nambers on Android

Have an itch for a puzzle game? Nambers is simple to pick-up and learn but will keep you enthralled for hours, giving your brain a workout as you advance.

Select adjacent cells with the same number and scroll them left and right to change their values. Complete levels by creating the target pattern. Expert players can finish get all the stars by solving the level in as few moves as possible!






Jul 15

Sentry Knight Tactics

** WE DID IT GUYS! Sentry Knight Tactics is now Greenlit! Thank you so much for all your help and support, you helped make this happen. :)

Love Sentry Knight? Help get Sentry Knight Tactics on Steam Greenlight!

Command your team of powerful heroes and lead them to victory. Upgrade your party by unlocking new characters, looting powerful gear, and leveling up.

Sentry Knight Tactics is an action-strategy adventure game with epic quests, hordes of enemies to slaughter, beautiful environments to explore, and lots of treasure to loot.  This game will take place directly after the events of the Sentry Knight Conquest web game. Thank you for voting, every “Yes” matters! :)


New Armatars:

Show your support, wear one of these new Sentry Knight Tactics Armatars! beep3



476589599_preview_screenshot_2 (1)


Jul 15

Knighttron Beta

Ad-Free Gaming+ Members can now play “Knighttron” with this Beta.  Help the developers prepare for a full launch and provide feedback and bugs!  Guide the hero in a journey to recover his memories while battling hordes of aggressive enemies. Fight, trade, loot and complete quests to enlist the support of new allies.

Who knows what secrets lay hidden in this world?