Jul 14

A Ghostly Journey Quests

Take a Ghostly Journey through a spooky pixel art world where you’ll possess the living, solve puzzles and avoid ghost hunters in this puzzle platformer by TinSleeves.

Six new Quests are now available!




Jul 14

Demons vs Fairyland FREE on iPhone

Now with an bonus Beach Day level, get the fanastical Demons vs Fairyland tower defense game for free on your iPhone for a limited time! Raise armies of skeletons, command powerful beasts and upgrade your towers and skills to defeat your pursuers.

Here is a new trailer of the new level! 




Jul 14

Raze 3 is HERE

Arm yourself with weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight aliens, zombies and robots in the latest game from Sky9 Games. Raze 3 is out (and with new Quests), what are you waiting for soldier? Go play! 



Jul 14

The King of Towers MMO

Defend your territory from the incoming enemies by constructing 4 different types of towers: Archers, Soldiers, Mages and Artillery in this Tower Defense MMO.  The King of Towers has you protecting your kingdom from ravaging evil onslaught of demons and orcs while you upgrade towers, recruit powerful heroes and seek to find peace.







Jun 14

Multishop Tycoon Quests

Are you a sales or marketing expert? Prove your worth with this tycoon title where you’ll be selling strawberries, sushi, tea and more yummy foods to hungry citizens. Created by Maulidan Productions, Multishop Tycoon quickly get addictive.

Ten new Quests are now available!


WPjUSc2RimVau0sfr8E6_MST Screenshot

Jun 14

Armor Games @ E3 2014

The Armor Games team packed into the car on Tuesday and headed off to a visit E3 2014 in Los Angeles. We’d have loved to take everybody with us, but since our car only fits four people we’ve decided to snap some pictures for you guys instead. There were some outstanding games on the floor this year, and it was a blast getting to see them. Remember, if you ever see one of us in green be sure to say hello!

What game has you most excited from E3 2014?



IMG_20140610_112756 IMG_1538 IMG_1393 IMG_1391 IMG_1633 IMG_1603 IMG_1588 IMG_1573 IMG_1558 IMG_1453 _IMG_1451 IMG_1420 IMG_1414 IMG_1406 IMG_20140610_135848 IMG_1635

Jun 14

IriySoft Sneak Peek

From the minds of Cursed Treasure and Battalion Commander here is an early look at IriySoft’s upcoming Flash game. Currently it doesn’t have a title, but it’s a challenging rogue-like game with a intricate loot system. We hope you’re looking forward to playing as much as we are!

Below are several screenshots from the early levels of the game…


3 (2)

4 (1)

1 (3)

2 (3)

May 14

Cursed Treasure 2 Mobile Soon

We’re proud to announce that Cursed Treasure 2 is in development by IriySoft for mobile devices. We’ve attached the first picture ever released of the game. We can’t wait to be able to play it on our tablets and phones, how about you?




May 14

Pirateers 2 Editor Guide

If you donate to the game development of Pirateers 2 you get access to this premium map editor. Create custom missions and maps using visual scripting and share them with your friends using Armor Games’s sharing interface or with map code (text that you can copy & paste). What great things will you build?

Quick Links


Map editor overview

Here is a screenshot of the editor and a brief description of its functions.


Tools Panel: Contains the menu and tools to edit your map.
Selection Tool: Select objects such as ships, towns, etc.
Transform Tool: To move and rotate objects.
Tile brush tool: To create islands, holes and wood tiles.
Object tool: To add ships, towns, etc.
Play button: To play your map.
Property panel: If an object is selected, property panel will display its properties.
Triggers panel: Create and edit scripts using this panel.


Basic tasks: creating new maps, saving, loading, and screen scrolling


Creating a new map

To create a new empty map, click the File > New menu, and a dialog box will appear.

New map dialog

Adjust the map dimensions to your liking and click OK. Now, you can populate the map with ships, towns, etc.


Screen scrolling

To scroll the camera, hold the space key on your keyboard and left-click and drag your mouse.



Press G to hide/unhide grid.


How to save a map on a local disk

After editing a map, you might want to save your progress. Click the File > Save or File > Save As menu to save your map to local disk. Enter a name into the dialog box and click OK to save.

Save map dialog

Your map is saved as a flash SharedObject (some sort of browser cookies), so be careful not to clear your browser’s cookies and disable the browser’s auto-cleanup setting. To avoid missing your map files, you can submit the map to Armor Games’ server and make them available for everybody else to play.


Submitting a map to Armor Games

Click File > Submit Map to Armor Games to upload and share your map with other players.

Submit map to armor games

A dialog box will ask you to name the map and write a short description. Make a clear description and be interesting, so more people will be interested in playing your creation. Everyone will be able to browse, play and rate all the maps on Armor Games.


Map editing: how to add and remove island

Select brush tool and click the island tile type.

Tile brush

With brush tool selected, click anywhere on the map to add an island or use​ right click to remove island. You can’t add an island on black holes at the edges of the map. You can also add wood or hole tiles by selecting the appropriate brush type. Wood tiles are destructible, which means it will be destroyed if you shoot it.


How to add and remove ships, towns and spawner


Adding objects

To add ships, select the ship tool.

Ship button

Click anywhere to add a ship. On the property panel (at the right side of the screen), you can see the ship’s properties. You can change the type of the ship, or its speed, HP, weapons, crew, etc.

Ship properties

You can also add towns (where player could buy goods and ammo) onto the map. First, select the town tool.

Town tool

You can place the town anywhere on the map. On the property panel, you can set the town’s goods quantities and prices. If the property panel is empty, make sure that you have selected the town first.

Next, you can add a spawn point into the map. Spawn points automatically spawn ships for a fixed time interval. Select the spawn point tool on the tools panel.

Spawn point tool

Click anywhere to create it. On the property panel, you can set the spawn interval and the type of ship to spawn.


Deleting objects

To delete an object (ships, towns, or spawn points), you have to select it first and then press the delete key on your keyboard. Or, you can click the Edit > Delete menu.


Moving/rotating objects around

Select the transform tool to move or rotate an object.

Transform tool

To move an object, place mouse cursor inside the bounding box, and then click and drag to new position.

To rotate, place mouse cursor in the edge of the bounding box, and then click and drag to rotate.


Scripting System

The Pirateers 2 scripting system is based on triggers or events. An event triggers when something happens in the game, such as, an enemy ship is destroyed, a ship enters a predefined area, etc. As a response to these events, you can define a sequence of actions to be taken.


Creating a new trigger

To create a trigger, first click the [+] button in the trigger tab.


Then write a name to identify this trigger. Click OK.


You can see the new trigger is now added to the list.


Editing script

Double click the trigger you wish to edit. Trigger edit window will appear. 


Click the arrow beside the add event entry, then select an event to trigger this script from the list.


To add a new Action, click the arrow beside the add action entry, then select an action you want in this script from the list. You can use your mouse wheel to scroll the action list.



  • To edit the action entry, simply fill in the properties that you want. You can see more options by clicking the arrow at the right side of each entry.
  • To remove the action, click the leftmost red X button. 
  • Click and drag the edit script window to scroll around.
  • You can create another action entry by repeating this process. 

Click hide when you finish to close the script edit window.


Removing script

To remove a trigger, first select the script you wish to remove. Then click the [-] button in the trigger tab.

Using the region tool

You can use the Region Tool to mark an area for scripting. 


Create a Region

First, select the Region Tool.


To create a region, click and drag to draw the Region Rectangle.


You can move and resize the rectangle using the properties panel.



To attach a Region to the script, you need to pick one of these event :

  • Generic Unit Enter Region
  • Generic Unit Leave Region
  • Specific Unit Enter Region, or
  • Specific Unit Leave Region


Then, select actions that you want. In this example, a storm will appear when player enter the region.


Removing a Region

To delete a region, select it and press Delete.



Basic Tutorial

In this basic tutorial, we will create a simple kill target mission. Player is surrounded by Captain Cook and his gang, and we need to kill him to win the map.


Drawing the Map

To begin with, we need to create a fresh new file. Select File -> New, and then create a 40 x 40 map.

Draw several small islands on the map to spice it up a bit using the Brush Tool.  Use Click to draw, and Right Click to delete.

Select the Create Ship tool, and draw 4 ships. You can place them as you like. Select one of the ship you’ve created, and change it’s Type to Capt. Cook. You may need to scroll up the dropdown using mouse wheel to find it.  A confirmation box will appear, click OK. The ship’s sprite and stats now changed to Capt. Cook’s ship.

Captain Cook’s HP stats is too strong for player at the moment, so we need to reduce it. Set the Hull HP to 150.

Save the map by going to File -> Save. To try the map, you can click the Play Map button in the toolbar.


Scripting the Map

Next step is to create script to define our quest objective. To do this, we need to create two Triggers, name them “Map Initialization” and “Quest Complete”.

Double click the Map Initialization to edit the script. Create a new Game Started event and Quest – Assign Quest action. Let’s edit this quest’s name “Kill Capt. Cook”, and set the quest description to “Destroy Capt. Cook’s ship”.

Next, we edit the Quest Complete script. Add a Specific Unit Dies event. In the Unit dropdown, select Unit – Unit. In the select unit box, pick the Capt. Cook ship.

Create a new Quest – End Game action, set it to end the game in 1 second.

Aaaand…. that’s it! We’re done. Let’s save our map once more, and test play it. The quest is shown at the top bar, and the game will end if Captain Cook’s ship get destroyed.



Advanced Tutorial : Fisherman Frenzy

This time, we’re going to make a “Fisherman Frenzy” game. In this map, player need to kill as many fisherman as possible before time runs out.


Draw the Playing Fields

1. Create a blank new map. File -> New. Set the map size to 30×32, click ok.

2. Select Brush Tool, and start to draw island on all map edge. We do this to prevent ships from falling to the edge.

We also need to create a bigger island area in the bottom left side of the map.

3. Select the Spawner Tool, and create 5 spawners. Put 4 spawners on each of the map edge, and the 5th spawner on map center, just above player’s position.

 4. Use the Selection Tool and select the top left spawner. Set the type of this spawner to Fisherman. (You can use mouse wheel to scroll the dropdown menu). A dialog box will appear. Click OK to confirm.

5. Still in the Fisherman Spawner’s Properties box, click and drag the properties panel to reveal more options below. You will see the Interval properties. Set the number to 3. Make sure all spawners are enabled.

6. Repeat this process to all other spawners.

7. Let’s save the map before continuing. File -> Save, and name it whatever you like.

You can test the map now by using the Play Test button in the toolbar.

You’ll notice that our cannonball maybe firing a bit slow and deal not enough damage. Lets change that by editing our ship.

Select player ship. In the properties panel, set Cannon cooldown to 0.500. Then, scroll down a bit to reveal Weapons. Set primary weapon’s and secondary weapon’s damage to 99 and ammo count to 200.

Done ? Great! Lets test our map once again. You’ll notice now that we kill those poor fisherman fast and efficient :)


Creating Dummies

We will make time limit and kill counter using the scripts. But before we start, we need to setup the “dummy unit” to help us.

Create two units in the bottom-left island that we create earlier. Set their type to “Building Black Skull”, then set the 1st building’s HP to 30 and the 2nd one to 1000.

The first building with 30 hp will be our time counter dummy, and the second building with 1000 hp will be the kill counter dummy.

Okay, we’re set! Lets jump to the scripting panel.


Create the Map Initialization Trigger

Create a new Trigger and name it “Map Initialization”.  Double click the Map Initialization trigger to edit it.

Add a new “Game Started” event, and then add a new “Unit – Damage Unit” action.

In the unit box, pick Unit – Unit, and then from the Select unit button, select “pick unit…”. (You need to scroll the selection to the bottom to find this)

Script window will be hidden and the cursor will change to pick unit. Click the Building we created earlier that have 1000 HP, and set the damage to 999. The reason we do this is to set the counter to 1. (We can’t set it to 0 because this building will die)

The final trigger should read like this :


Kill Counter

Create another Trigger, name it “Fisherman Counter”. We will use  this counter to track fisherman kill.

Add a new “Generic Unit Dies” Event in the Fisherman Counter, then add a new “Unit – Damage Unit” actions from the list. Fill the Unit box with the 1000 HP Building, and set the damage to -1. Damaging ship/building with negative value will add/heal their HP.

This trigger’s effect is that everytime an unit die, our kill counter dummy will gain 1 HP.

To show this information to the player, we need to create another action in this trigger. Pick the “GUI – Blinking Text” action.

Remember that we set this building’s HP to 1? We need to subtract the number with 1 to show the actual counter number. So in the first input box, select “Text – Number to Text”, then pick Math – Number – Number.

In the first Number box, select “Unit – HP of Unit”, and select the kill counter dummy building. Fill the second Number box with 1.

Next, in the Point box, pick Point – Make Point. Fill the boxes with 363, and 193.

This is where we place the text box. Note that this is screen coordinate. Pirateers 2 is 750 px width, and 600 px height. You can create the text offscreen but it will not be visible or partially visible.

Finally, set the duration for this text to 1 second.

The trigger should look like this in the end :

Let’s save, and play test our map. Looks good isn’t it :)

You can edit the text box to show additional text like “Fisherman Killed : 18″ by using Text – Merge Text.


In-Game Timer

Last step is to create the timer. To do this, we need to create two triggers, name it “Timer” and “End Timer”.

Let’s edit the Timer Trigger first.

Add a new Timer event, and set the repeat interval to 1 second, and repeat count to 30.

Create a new Unit – Damage Unit action. Fill the Unit box with our 30 HP building, and set the damage to 1. This means, every 1 second for 30 times, our dummy building will receive 1 damage.

Create GUI – Blinking Text action. Fill the text with Text – Number to Text, and pick Unit – HP of Unit. Pick the time counter dummy building (30 HP one).

Position this text in 363, 80.

Double click the End Timer trigger to edit it.

Add a new Specific Unit Dies event, and pick our 30 HP time counter dummy.

Add Quest – End Game action. Fill the time with 1 second.

Huzzah, its done! Dont forget to save! Test play it, or share it with your friends :)

For practice, you can make a variant to this game. A few example :

- add time bonus for every kill count.

- add another building to track killstreak. Let’s say when player kill 10 fishermen, several whirlpool will appear at random place >;)

You can find both the basic tutorial map and the fisherman frenzy in the Custom Map section of the game.

May 14

Super Chibi Knight – Phoenix Temple

We caught up with Nick Pasto to talk about the development of the “Phoenix Temple” level in the anticipated release of Super Chibi Knight. If you loved the classic Chibi Knight, you should be as excited as we are for this epic (yet adorable) title! Read the full article for a chance at winning a special Super Chibi Knight T-Shirt

Why Was It Necessary?
The creation of this level grew out of feedback from the alpha testers of Super Chibi Knight (you can sign up as a tester here: http://www.SuperChibiKnight.com). They noticed that the pathway to become a “Beast Master” in the game was a lot shorter than to become a “Sorcerer.” ie: The number of tasks/quests/missions required for the Beast Master path was much smaller than the other route… which means most people would probably just become a Beast Master and possibly never see a ton of the other cool content in the game, and maybe never realize that the other specialization path even EXISTS. That would be BAD!
Originally, you could find these fire-breathing Phoenix birds on either the grass plains or in the desert overworld maps. When you killed them, they would drop a flaming egg, which you could pick up (if your armor was strong enough) and take back to the Beast Master Mountains entrance to unlock the door… I put in the armor limitation because I didn’t want people to be able to accomplish this significant step in the game too early, but what ended up happening is people would just sit there and grind up their armor without exploring the rest of the game because they saw a quest and couldn’t leave it alone ’til it was done!
The lesson for me from this was to not put in toll gates based on leveling up, but rather base them on finding items from quests (especially early on and with significant story paths). So I decided to expand on the Phoenix birds’ story a bit and have them inside an ancient Phoenix temple trapped in cages protected by a giant magical lock. So your mission becomes to find the magical key to the magical lock and free the birds, THEN you can slay them on the overworld maps to get their eggs. The toll-gate, then, is the key which will be awarded by a drunk NPC character when you accomplish a two-part quest for him to wake him from his drunken coma.
Thus, you are required to explore more and become more immersed in the game and the lore before you can take this significant specialization step.

Temple Details:

I went with a “bird” theme for the temple because of the “Phoenix Bird” imagery. I imagine the back story is something like this:
Once there was a small group of friends that lived in the Kingdom of Oukoku who loved bird watching. They met every Tuesday to trek through the mountains and forests to find and catalogue all the varieties of birds in the kingdom. They even designed special instruments that allowed them to see things that were far away as if they were right in front of their eyes. 
One fateful Tuesday, Gruber, a passionate member of the bird watching society, had separated himself from the main group to explore a strange noise he heard coming from over a ridge. Once there he took out his observe-o-scope and pointed it toward the sound. What he saw was indelibly seared into his eyes. It was a majestic One-eyed Flaming Phoenix furiously flapping its wings to carry its rotund body up and into its nest of glowing eggs where its partner, equally astounding in appearance, waited. He quickly gathered his fellow bird watchers to the same spot and pointed them in the right direction, but none were able to locate his birds. On the long hike back home, Gruber quickly became the brunt of many jokes and he began to wonder himself whether what he had seen was real or just an imagined vision.
Gruber eventually grew distant from the other bird watchers, but his love of birds did not decrease… rather it increased to the point of obsession. Gruber soon added Thursdays to his bird watching schedule, then Saturdays, then EVERY day… and even though he filled his book with detailed descriptions and drawings of all the varieties of bird he saw, none occupied his mind more than the One-eyed Flaming Phoenix. He began neglecting his wine shop in town. His family wondered what had happened to their husband and father. He eventually turned the family wine business over to his cousin who had always REALLY enjoyed his wine. 

Far on the edge of Oukoku’s grass plains, on the border of the desert, Gruber began a new project… a shrine to the One-eyed Flying Phoenix. He quarried the stone from the nearby Yajuu mountains and hauled it to his construction site. He carefully sculpted each brick, statue, and dais in this new temple dedicated to all things avian. Rumors began to circulate that Gruber had lost his mind and had begun meddling with dark Beast Master arts forbidden to be used without direct training and supervision by the Beast Master Society. Some visitors were able to scale the temple steps and discovered that, on the temple roof, Gruber had carefully constructed 2 metal cages which they could only assume were intended for the capture of the two Phoenix birds he had claimed to see.
The last sighting of the foul fowl afficionado, Gruber, was a Tuesday night when he was seen hauling sparkling stones into place to block the entrance to his temple shrine. He could be heard muttering garbled incantations and speaking of a Guardian he had summoned to protect his treasures. Many wonder whether he was ever able to find the birds he coveted so dearly. He also shouted something about a magic key as he slid the final stone into place to seal the entry way.
The spire cauldrons of the temple burned for weeks after the entrance was sealed and a general feeling of dread clung to the location like tar. Eventually, the spire cauldron fires faded and then disappeared but none dared approach the temple for decades thereafter for fear of a curse. Just three days ago, the spire cauldrons spontaneously lit again, an event many believe coincides with the appearance of monsters roaming the kingdom anew. But no one is able to penetrate the enchanted stones blocking the entrance, and no one really wants to see what’s inside that temple anyway…
Phoenix Temple Trailer: 

If you wish to see the full Live Stream video click here
Thanks for reading! If you’d like a chance to win a free Super Chibi Knight T-shirt all you need to do is post what you love about the game in the comments. Good luck!