Aug 14

KingsRoad Launched

KingsRoad is a free RPG set in the lands of Alderstone. Save a world in darkness by defeating the foul villains and creatures who plague this once-peaceful land.

Team up to save Alderstone and battle against the forces of darkness as a Knight, Archer or Wizard in cooperative play. Play with friends, or find a game in matchmaking. 


Play KingsRoad!



screenshot-1 (1)



Jul 14

K.O.L.M. Prototype

Tony, the creator of K.O.L.M.  is looking to finalize the series, the third of the trilogy, with this new Kickstarter. Not only will it help him finish the series, but it will bring the complete K.O.L.M. to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. Want to help out? Backers will get access to the game, paper craft robots, even a Robbie plushie!

Words from Tony:

“Up until now, I’ve only been able to work on the project in the evenings and on weekends and progress has been slower than I’d like. With your help, I could work on it full time and be able to finish it to the standard that the game deserves.

It’s an incredibly important project for me, and Kickstarter seems like the perfect fit. I hope you agree, because I’m looking to cultivate a strong community around the project, which is another thing Kickstarter provides excellent tools for. I’m very excited to be launching this and I want my backers to be to!”

Click links below, and please support the game on Steam Greenlight as well…




Jul 14

A Ghostly Journey Quests

Take a Ghostly Journey through a spooky pixel art world where you’ll possess the living, solve puzzles and avoid ghost hunters in this puzzle platformer by TinSleeves.

Six new Quests are now available!




Jul 14

Demons vs Fairyland FREE on iPhone

Now with an bonus Beach Day level, get the fanastical Demons vs Fairyland tower defense game for free on your iPhone for a limited time! Raise armies of skeletons, command powerful beasts and upgrade your towers and skills to defeat your pursuers.

Here is a new trailer of the new level! 




Jul 14

Raze 3 is HERE

Arm yourself with weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight aliens, zombies and robots in the latest game from Sky9 Games. Raze 3 is out (and with new Quests), what are you waiting for soldier? Go play! 



Jul 14

The King of Towers MMO

Defend your territory from the incoming enemies by constructing 4 different types of towers: Archers, Soldiers, Mages and Artillery in this Tower Defense MMO.  The King of Towers has you protecting your kingdom from ravaging evil onslaught of demons and orcs while you upgrade towers, recruit powerful heroes and seek to find peace.







Jun 14

Multishop Tycoon Quests

Are you a sales or marketing expert? Prove your worth with this tycoon title where you’ll be selling strawberries, sushi, tea and more yummy foods to hungry citizens. Created by Maulidan Productions, Multishop Tycoon quickly get addictive.

Ten new Quests are now available!


WPjUSc2RimVau0sfr8E6_MST Screenshot

Jun 14

Armor Games @ E3 2014

The Armor Games team packed into the car on Tuesday and headed off to a visit E3 2014 in Los Angeles. We’d have loved to take everybody with us, but since our car only fits four people we’ve decided to snap some pictures for you guys instead. There were some outstanding games on the floor this year, and it was a blast getting to see them. Remember, if you ever see one of us in green be sure to say hello!

What game has you most excited from E3 2014?



IMG_20140610_112756 IMG_1538 IMG_1393 IMG_1391 IMG_1633 IMG_1603 IMG_1588 IMG_1573 IMG_1558 IMG_1453 _IMG_1451 IMG_1420 IMG_1414 IMG_1406 IMG_20140610_135848 IMG_1635

Jun 14

IriySoft Sneak Peek

From the minds of Cursed Treasure and Battalion Commander here is an early look at IriySoft’s upcoming Flash game. Currently it doesn’t have a title, but it’s a challenging rogue-like game with a intricate loot system. We hope you’re looking forward to playing as much as we are!

Below are several screenshots from the early levels of the game…


3 (2)

4 (1)

1 (3)

2 (3)

May 14

Cursed Treasure 2 Mobile Soon

We’re proud to announce that Cursed Treasure 2 is in development by IriySoft for mobile devices. We’ve attached the first picture ever released of the game. We can’t wait to be able to play it on our tablets and phones, how about you?