Oct 15

Unlock Armatars

More Armatar unlocks are available for adventurous questers. We’ve locked up some of our game-related armatars behind quests for Sushi Cat-a-pult, Cursed Treasure 2, and Sinjid. If you have already unlocked the quests, then head over to your profile settings to check out the Armatars drawn by the games’ artists themselves.

Here’s a peek:


Try your hand at making Amatars and enter one of our special contests. We have a Pirate Armatar Contest and a Sushi Cat Armatar Contest available. Winners of the Armatar Contest will earn an ‘Armatar Creator’ quest and one random winner of the Sushi Cat Armatar Contest will win a special prize.

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Sep 15

5 Color-Changing Games

Autumn is here for the Northern Hemisphere, so let’s put summer behind us and change change colors with the leaves this season with these five color-changing games. Test your reflexes and defeat colorful enemies or beat personal records.


5. Color Strike Down

Strike down enemies the same color as your comet. Earn shields and max combos to get further and score higher.



4. Marvin Spectrum

Test your reflexes and earn hats while running through the lab as Marvin Spectrum. Change your suit to match the gates. If the normal stages are too easy, test your mettle with Endless Mode and beat personal records.



3. Minute Hardcore

Cycle through colors in this vertical scrolling shooter. Rack up combos to level up and last longer. The longer you last, the more medals you earn and the higher your score. Compare your high score with friends and other users on the high score table.



2. Neon RiderNeon Rider World

Ride the lights with a color-changing bike. Collect bonuses and perform stunts for a better score. Not enough levels? Create your own levels to share in Neon Rider World.



1. Primary

Save the Hueman Race from the Void and restore color to the world. Jump, dodge, and use the powers of the primary colors to fight your way through Prizim Tower and stop the Void in this action platformer.



Want more color? Check out our Coloring games.

Sep 15

Knighttron Quests

Are you ready  to earn some new Quests? Guide the hero in a journey to recover his memories while battling hordes of aggressive enemies. Fight, trade, loot and complete quests to enlist the support of new allies.

Who knows what secrets lay hidden in this world?






Sep 15

Sushi Cat Plushie

Make an adorable new feline friend who’s in a frenzy about eating Japanese food. Our Sushi Cat plushie is now back available in the Armor Games Store, and just in time for the holidays! He’s round, fluffy and ready to be taken on all sorts of adventures.

Take a look right meow! :3


Sushi Cat Pictures:



Sep 15

New Armatars

The King of Towers has nine new Armatars that can be unlocked, but it is no easy feat. These Armatars unlock with the Heavenly Quest. Fight your way through grass and snow and ash and sand and marsh to earn yourself the 300 stars needed to unlock these Armatars.

Here’s a peek:


If you’ve already unlocked the Heavenly quest, then head over to your profile settings to try them out. The ‘Change’ link under your current Armatar and the King of Towers Armatars are under the Game-Based tab.

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Sep 15

A Knight’s Quest Teaser

From creators of Strike Force Heroes and Raze, Sky9 Games is working on new game called A Knight’s Quest for Steam which will be launching on Kickstarter next month. Keep an eye out for more news and see more screenshots on their website.

A Knight’s Quest is an action-adventure-RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Metroid with an emphasis on humor, exploration, and combat. You control Rusty, a bold yet clumsy adventurer who accidentally releases an ancient evil…







For the Strike Force Heroes 3 fans, they will be putting a huge update out soon which fixes all the bugs, and adds a brand new unique hero!

Sep 15

Chat and a Puzzle (Solved)

Get bored waiting for idle games? Maybe you just want to make a friend. The new chat system on Armor Games can now be found at the bottom of our site.

What is this chat bar all about? Bloop

1. Remove Chat

If you don’t like the chat at all, you can click the remove chat button, but you will make all the bunnies and ferrets in the universe very sad. If you change your mind, you can undo this under your profile settings.

2. Armor Games Rules

Yes it does, but clicking the white asterisk will lead you to the rules of Armor Games for the chat, comments, and forums.

3. Friends

This tab lets you see which of your friends are online and you can also send them private messages. The ‘Change Theme’ icon on the right lets you change the theme of the chat bar. Tricky, right? The ‘Options’ button on the left lets your manage your Friends tab as well as your block list.


4. Chat Room

Chat Rooms are the meat and potatoes of the chat bar. You chat with any other user in the same room as you, even if they’re not playing the same game. You can even be in two rooms at once. Just pop out one of them with the ‘Popout chat room’ button and use the chat bar to enter another. If you want to leave, pop it back in if it’s popped out and just click the ‘Leave Chat Room’ button to return to the chat room list.


5. Notifications

It’s the notifications tab! Moving on…

6. Hide Chat

If you don’t want to chat but don’t want the bar to disappear, you can click this button minimize the chat. You won’t receive any chat notifications until you ‘Show Chat’ again.


But wait! What’s the image of a wooden block puzzle have anything to do with chat? If you scroll down in the Chat Room tab, you’ll see some very peculiar locked rooms, including one with a description that looks like gibberish. Break the codes to figure out the passwords to these rooms and win.

(Note: Passwords are case-sensitive and spaces do matter.)

Whose desk this is? I wonder.

The first ten winners will earn themselves one month of AFG+. One lucky winner chosen at random will find themselves with a very difficult Interlocked burr puzzle (pictured above). This will be open until we get ten winners or one week passes.

Can you uncover the secrets of the locked chat rooms and win yourself one month of AFG+ and a very hard Interlocked puzzle?

(Note: All ten winner spots have been filled, but you can still play along until the rooms disappear.)

The solution to Chat and a Puzzle is up and you can find it on the forums here if you don’t want to spoil yourself. Our lucky winner chosen at random at the end of the post is #10. Congratulations Boarmaster!

Aug 15

Puzzle Me This

Have a hankering for some new puzzle games this weekend? Not only have three new/updated games been released by qzix13, but they are also available for free on Android! Here they are in no particular order…


Slice the Box Level Pack - Website Version - Android Version

A unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes. Cut off the excess to form exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and more. You’ll be limited by the number of slices you can make, length of slice, and where!



HivexWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Flex your logic skills in this intriguing puzzle game! Clicking any hexagon toggles its state and that of its neighbors. Fully light all of the hexagons to complete each puzzle. Completing in fewer moves earns more stars and faster times result in higher scores.



NambersWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Simple to learn, but as you advance this game will give your brain a workout! Select adjacent cells with the same number, then scroll to change their values. Complete levels by creating the final pattern, and finish in as few moves as possible.



Aug 15

Crush These Castles

The best thing about building block towers is smashing them. The best thing about Crush the Castle is that you don’t have to build them. And explosives! And fire! And chickens! And, well, pretty much everything.

Check out some of the creations by other players below. And smash them!


 Hunting for Butterflies by @Tooru

Head to the icy wastelands of the North where princesses live in towering icy blossoms and wait for butterflies. Or are these tiny princesses in normal-sized flowers? Whatever the case, the trebuchet is the perfect tool to destroy everything.

Hunting for Butterflies by Tooru


Royal Treasury Robbers by @SSTG

The robbers are getting away on the roof. How you stop them is up to you. You should probably destroy the entire treasury and burn it to the ground, just to be sure you get those pesky robbers.

Royal Treasury Robbers by SSTG


The Best Tower Bridge by @valboss84

London Bridge is falling down and now you get to bring Tower Bridge down with it… along with the royal family and their personal guards who just happened to be visiting the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Best Tower Bridge by valboss84


Poor Hideout by @timestables

The King has retreated to a jungle outpost but is he still safe so far away from home? Surely no one would be silly enough to try to destroy buildings filled with explosives. Nothing could go wrong.

Poor Hideout by timestables


The Peasants Survive! by @CourtJester

Usually, the peasants die first, but this time, the peasants survive… mostly. Until some brave soul comes saves them, they are stuck on a roof standing on explosives while everyone else gets to stay inside away from the elements.

The Peasants Survive! by CourtJester

Like building castles? Check out the Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack: Custom Castle Contest!

Also check out these games in the Crush the Castle Series:

Aug 15

Lava Lizard Beta

Mt. Magma is erupting! Grab what you can and hit the waves! Perform tricks to earn cash, upgrade your gear and break though the barriers in your path so that you can get to Lizard Island before being burned to a crisp.

This Beta is available to our AFG+ users. :)